‘Whites created SA from scratch and made it the most developed country in Africa’

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More prominent Black South Africans have continued to preach about the need to end racism in the country.

In this article, a concerned citizen said that the ANC is responsible for the challenges faced by the country at the moment.

Do you know what’s gonna happen If we give white people one province as their country? Within 3 years that small country will be ten times richer than South Africa. Within 3 years that country will be the most developed country in Africa.

That country will have the best Farmers, teachers, Engineers, Scientists, Doctors and Business men, while South Africa is going to have a shortage of critical skills and Capital. The same week they leave South Africa, ten million black people are going to lose their jobs. Government is going to lose billions of dollars. White people are the biggest employers and tax payers in South Africa. Government will no longer afford to pay social grants.

White people created South Africa from scratch and made it the most developed country in Africa. All SOEs like Denel, Eskom, SAA were created by white people and they did not survive by receiving bailouts, they were making billions of Rands in profits. Do you know why they were making profits? Because they were managed by qualified people who had morals.

Do you know why state owned enterprises are collapsing under the Anc? Because of corruption and Nepotism, the Anc gives critical positions to cadres who can’t even construct a simple sentence.

South Africa is failing because the ANC puts their party first instead of putting the country first.

Culled from the timeline of  Kingsley Nkwatse…