Watch Zuma: Get the land back from the whites and you solve SA’s problems

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Former President Jacob Zuma has taken to twitter  to express s views  on the land expropriation without compensation debate.

Zuma said on Wednesday that he did not understand why the debate on the matter has been prolonged.

He said that it was a historical fact that white people dispossessed black people of their land and that the current ills of the country stemmed from there.

“You solve the problem of the land, you solve the poverty in this country, inequality and the economic issues,” Zuma said in his video on Twitter.

He called on those who owned “large stretches of land” to share it with those who are indigenous and who owned the land before, adding that “we are not going to dispossess them.”

Then citing Europe as an example, where he noted that land was in the hands of the state and leased to individuals and firms, he asked why the land question in South Africa had to be different.

He then said that those who drafted the Freedom Charter had been more advanced in their thinking on the land matter when they called for land to be nationalised.