Toddler brutally battered at daycare

Tiffany Griffin went to go pick her one year old son Jesse up from his daycare, KiddieGarden, in Indianapolis, Indiana. When she arrived, she found that Jesse had been brutally beaten and his poor face was completely covered in blood, bruises, and scratches.

Jesse’s eyes, lips, and face were so terribly swollen, and she had only dropped him off hours before.

Tiffany was so angry upon finding her son like this she apparently punched the daycare worker in the face and I can’t say I blame her. I would have done the same thing. It’s heartbreaking when the people you trust don’t care for your child they way they need to.

A 22 year old employee at KiddieGarden daycare, in Indianapolis, Indiana told Tiffany that another 2 year old child in their care was the reason Jesse looked like this. Right. So Jesse was brutally beaten by a two year old child? I don’t think so. This just doesn’t add up.

“She didn’t even call the owner. She didn’t call the police, she didn’t call the ambulance, she didn’t call nobody,” Tiffany said Fox 59, “It was negligence, any way it goes. It was child abuse, any way it goes. If it was me or [his father], we would be arrested. So, I think it should be a full investigation, and they should do something about it.”

The Mom of the two year old girl told Tiffany that her daughter “may be capable of scratching, but she didn’t think to that extent.” Tiffany was also suspicious, because she didn’t even think this little girl looked vicious, let alone capable of doing this kind of damage to another child.

Tiffany also mentioned that this was the last week her three children were going to be at KiddieGarden daycare, because they seemed very upset and unhappy to be there. So, Tiffany’s son is all of a sudden brutally beaten just days before he would be moving to a new daycare?

Jesse had to be hospitalized for his injuries, and Tiffany said that her three year old son told her that their teacher at daycare was the reason Jesse suffered these injuries. Tiffany told Heavy that her son said, “Ms. Nyat did it, Ms. Nyat did it!’”

Haben Ghebremichael, the owner of the Kiddiegarden day care, stuck with the story that the two year old girl did this. She told the Associated Press, “the extent of the injuries just blows our minds.”

She posted this on her Facebook account, although it has been deleted:

“We are deeply saddened about what took place yesterday afternoon to Jesse. We at Kiddiegarden pride ourselves on not only providing quality service to families, but also providing a clean, safe and healthy environment for all of our children since we opened our doors three years ago. Kiddiegarden has never had any accusations of abuse or maltreatment from any of our children or parents.

This was truly a sad, shocking and unfortunate event. We have been diligently working with law enforcement, child protective services, as well as state agencies on this matter. We have been fully cooperative and transparent with law enforcement to complete their investigation. Our hearts go out to Jesse and his family and are praying for his well being. Due to this still being an ongoing investigation, we are not at liberty to disclose any further details.

We have confidence in the detectives who are handling the investigation to give us a final report of the incident, which will be made public. At that time we will make another statement addressing the matter.”

Tiffany is seeking justice for her child, and Kiddiecare actually got shut down. In the Facebook post she shared pictured below, the reasons for the daycare being shut down include:

“SSA hand-delivered an Emergency Closure Order Kiddie Garden at 1853 E. 38th Street, stating that the conditions in the child care home pose an immediate threat to the life and well-being of children in the care of the facility. This is related to the serious injury of a child on April 30, 2018, due to lack of supervision. The order is effective immediately.

Daycare is supposed to be a place where a Mom can drop her baby off and know they are in good hands and being taken care of while she gets on with her day. Never would you assume that you would pick your child up from daycare with severe injuries, but that’s just what happened to Tiffany Griffin and her son.

This article was sent to our box by a reader, although it is an old article .

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