‘Shame on you’: Ramaphosa crucified after camera captured him sleeping at Russia-Africa summit

EFF member was among those that slated the president for sleeping at the Russia-Africa summit in Sochi.

A picture of President Cyril Ramaphosa sleeping at the Russia-Africa summit held in Sochi has earned him more rebuke than praise, with some saying it was “wasteful expenditure” to send him to the gathering.

In the picture screen grabbed from SABC News – which was beaming the proceedings live – Ramaphosa is seen enjoying a nap in a sea of awake and highly attentive delegates.

The picture was then circulated on social media with some critics saying he was not taking the summit seriously like the Financial Times Africa summit in London where he was seen smiling with some delegates and even posing for photos.

One Twitter user, Sean (@xoularh), in reference to the Thuma Mina (send me) slogan of Ramaphosa, said it looks like we have sent the wrong person.

Slave (@Tlhalefi2) said: “Ramaphosa has a sleeping disorder. He sleeps where he should be wide awake – Russia! Important decisions are going to be taken in his sleep and one would hear him say, “I’m shocked” when he gets up.”

Economic Freedom Fighters MP Phillip Mhlongo @phillip_mhlongo, was more scathing and said it was worrying that Ramaphosa slept during an important meaning.


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