Sanction should be slapped on the entire ANC and its leadership, concerned citizen says

No human is entirely free of sin and no society is entirely without corruption. It is of course idiotic to use this fact of life to justify unlimited sin and corruption.

Different societies have differing thresholds of intolerance for sin and corruption. I know it is not politically correct to say it but it is a fact that black society in South Africa has a particularly high threshold of intolerance for corruption.

The rampant corruption of the ANC is a reflection of high tolerance for corruption in the society from which ANC members are drawn.

High tolerance for corruption in black society has its historical origin in the feudal history of precolonial Africa.

Chiefs were parts of an aristocracy which had powers to find excuses to extract labour from the commoners and to seize their assets which consisted mostly of livestock.

During the colonial era this aristocracy governed the countryside on behalf of the colonial power but they retained their powers to exploit the commoners.

For example, to this day, it is still common practice in the rural areas to bribe the chief in order to get him to do anything for the people including allocating residential plots.

In both rural and urban areas there was an army of officials whose role was to enforce apartheid laws such as influx control and restriction of trade.

For example people needed difficult to obtain permits to reside in urban areas and black taxis were required to operate like metered taxis an approach which would have priced them out of the market.

To overcome these and many other artificial obstacles it was always necessary to bribe some official. Thus flattering racists with false subservience and bribery was part of the life skills that were required to survive in apartheid society.

Since 1912 the ANC has monopolized the leadership role of black society. Before 1994 the priority was overthrowing apartheid. Since 1994 black society has not had any serious leadership.

The ANC focussed on enriching comrades by hook or by crook. No one was left to guide society away from the apartheid era mode of existence. The ANC were happy to blame resultant problems on apartheid and do nothing about their solution.

Without guidance black people, who had no experience of democracy, merely gave the ANC the status of a monarch. They regarded voting as if, by definition, it meant voting for the ANC.

Because this misconception suited the short term interests of the ANC they considered a wonderful gift. Unfortunately the insensitivity of the black vote to ANC behaviour has ensured the rapid degeneration of the ANC into a mob of looters.

In South Africa a peculiar form of multi party politics is happening under the umbrella of the ‘broad church’ which is the ANC. It is now essentially an alliance of two distinct parties: the out and out looters of Jacob Zuma/Ace Magashule and the timid reformists of Cyril Ramaphosa.

Effectively Ramaphosa is the decent face of the ANC who enables it to gather votes for the benefit of the looters who manipulate him.

Ramaphosa is also the ambassador who enables the ANC to masquerade in international forums as a corruption fighting organization which is in the process of reform. In fact the United States ought to have slapped sanctions on the entire ANC and not just the Guptas and Essa.

SA cannot be held ransom to the ANCs hegemony any longer. If there truly is a good ANC and a bad ANC, then the party ought to split.-Maimane

The USA could help South Africa by blacklisting the ANC and its pathetic government until they demonstrate seriousness in prosecuting all the state capture looters.

International sanctions against the ANC would free Ramaphosa from the grips of the evil organization and force him to put to use the awful powers of the South African President under our constitution instead of behaving as a pathetic deployee of Ace Magashule.

Currently South Africa is running on auto pilot. We desperately need a president. Top advocates to boost the manpower of the prosecuting authority ought to have been hired ages ago!

Themba Mdlalose

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