Residents scramble for cash where an armoured vehicle was blown up in a violent CIT robbery

Videos doing the rounds on social media this morning show the aftermath of a violent cash-in-transit robbery in Krugersdorp where an armoured vehicle was blown up, leaving cash scattered across the road.

Passers-by quickly waded into the carnage and started gathering up all the notes they could.

It appears the attack happened on Kagiso Avenue in Chamdor.

The caption of the video, shared by Yusuf Abramjee, says that the incident took place on Kagiso Drive Chamdor in Johannesburg. It said the cash van was bombed.

“Robbers made off in a white Audi, white BMW X5 and a white 3 series. Grey Mercedes Benz used to ram the money truck. Look at how members of the public go for what’s left…”

Lieutenant Colonel Brenda Muridilli said she could confirm the incident and the fact that it took place on Wednesday but she did not have a report as yet, which means she could not verify details like how the incident came about and who was involved.


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