Ramaphosa to investigate Zuma’s “divisive” land expropriation comments

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President Cyril Ramaphosa is set for “clear the air” talks with Jacob Zuma following his statement on land expropriation.

Zuma took to Twitter earlier the week to express support for the expropriation of land – a policy that is keenly championed by the EFF, but one that has been dismissed by the ruling party. According to the Sunday Times, Ramaphosa has requested a meeting to bring Msholozi back in line.

The ANC are set to reveal their resolutions from this weekend’s gathering, which seeks to determine their list of representatives for the 2019 Elections. Rumours had been brewing that Jacob Zuma was preparing a sensational return to politics, but he looks likely to reject a nomination to stand as an MP.

ANC Head of Presidency Zizi Kodwa also confirmed that a meeting had been scheduled between the pair. Cyril is expected to tackle the thorny subjects of state capture and JZ’s multiple legal battles head-on.

Zuma has spent most of his post-presidential life denying that state capture exists, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. As the lynch-pin of government-approved looting, the 76-year-old isn’t fooling anyone in this respect.

However, the past year has seen Zuma dip in and out of court more often than not. He has faced three separate court cases, one of which ordered him to pay back more than R16 million in legal fees. Debate still rages within the ANC about whether they should help foot this bill.

It has also been suggested that Ramaphosa wants to “shut-down” the counter-productive influence Zuma has over key regions of the electorate. Almost universally adored in KwaZulu-Natal – home to the highest proportion of ANC voters in the country – Cyril wants to firmly extinguish any plans to undermine his leadership.

A few months ago, Zuma’s secret meeting with Ace Magashule sent conspiracy theorists into a frenzy. It was suspected the pair wanted to find a way to negate Ramaphosa’s position of power. Both were reprimanded for their behaviour, but a slap on the wrist doesn’t seem to have stopped Zuma from talking out of turn.