Pitbull shot dead after attacking to police officers, Manenberg

Zama says a captain then jumped into action and shot the dog in the stomach and head and it died.

A female cop from Manenberg has been hospitalised after she came under attack by a pit bull during a drug search on Friday.

Police say the 27-year-old constable is lucky to be alive as the vicious dog had dragged her to the ground, biting her multiple times, its teeth penetrating her police boots.

“The officers were executing a search warrant at a suspected drug outlet and called for the occupants of the home to open a large gate in the front of the property,” he says.

“They kept calling and waiting but nobody came out, so they forced the gate open.

“The dog came running out and went straight for the officer’s neck.

“It missed and got a hold of her chest and dragged her to the ground.”

Zama says a male constable drew his gun to shoot the dog, but stopped when he noticed a small child nearby.

“The female constable was bitten several times and the strong dog was on top of her.

“But the male constable saw there was a small child in the yard and he could not open fire, so he tried to wrestle the dog.

“It let go of the female officer and charged the male officer, biting him on the leg.”

Zama says a captain then jumped into action and shot the dog in the stomach and head and it died.

“The officers were concerned about getting their colleagues to the hospital and so did not continue with the search,” he says.

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“The male officer received stitches and was discharged from hospital, but the female had deep bites so we are waiting to hear what her status is.

“She was bitten badly on the stomach, legs and arms, and his teeth even went through her boots.”

Zama says the next day the pit bull owner arrived at Manenberg SAPS asking why cops had killed his pet.

“He told me the dog was protecting his territory and the child, but this was a police search and the occupants of the house refused to open.

“They should have restrained the dog and these dogs are often used to attack police.”

Zama says the dog owner admitted that his father, who lives in the house, is a mert.

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