NC premier bought 26 ambulances instead of limos for MEC’s

The Northern Cape’s new premier has hit the ground running with his mission to cut down costs and get down to service delivery.

Zamani Saul, who is among a host of new premiers in ANC-led provinces, took to his Twitter account to announce that his administration would not be buying any new cars for MECs. Instead, officials have bought 63 new ambulance vans to serve communities around the province.

This follows his decision to not have any new photos of MECs taken and hung in government offices around the province, which is common practice in national and provincial government whenever new administrations or an official takes over.

Saul has received some praise for his cost-cutting measures, but others are relying on time to tell whether or not this will have a lasting positive effect.

In KwaZulu-Natal, Premier Sihle Zikalala opted for a small inauguration ceremonyin May instead of the traditional one held at the Pietermaritzburg Show Grounds with each new term.

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