Millionaire devastated after finding out he is not the biological father of his three kids

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It was a heartbreaking moment for UK businessman, Richard Mason, when he discovered he has been infertile since birth due to suffering from cystic fibrosis and more shocking, not the father of the three boys he raised as his own since 1995, with his wife of 20 years, Kate.

The revelation made by a doctor led to Mason dragging his ex-wife to court to get back the R 71 million which he paid as divorce settlement. Going further, he also sued her for paternity fraud with the intent to make her come clean with the true identity of the children’s biological father.

However, things took an unexpected twist when Kate, decided to settle out of court with a payment of R4.5 million, on the condition the biological father remained anonymous.

A close source of the family said the sons are not interested in finding their biological father as they still consider Mr Mason their true parent.

When the Mason initially confronted his wife about the true paternity of the kids, she admitted to having an irregular, four-year affair with another man who was a colleague at Barclays bank she met whenever she visited London in her role as a union official. Her eldest son was born in the 1995, while his the twin boys were born in 1999.

Mason also revealed that as Kate insisted that each son should have a Jewish middle name. He now feels that his could serve as a clue to finding the identity of the man. According to The Telegraph, Kate, who lives in Staffordshire, was unable to be reached for comment.