Man commits suicide by running into burning fuel tanker

In a viral but shocking video posted on Facebook, a man committed suicide by running straight into a fuel tanker which is burning on the side of the road.

The video was posted to the group Hermanus Uncut on Saturday afternoon, and according to the caption, the incident happened “at the top of the Houwhoek Pass” earlier in the day.

According to one of the Afrikaans voices which can be heard in the video, which apparently belongs to the truck driver, the driver of another vehicle had swerved right into the path of the truck as it was traveling down the road.

Halfway through the video, someone can be seen running up an embankment and according to one of the voices, he was apparently the driver of the vehicle which collided with the truck.

The man runs straight into the flames, where he lies down.

According to the Facebook group.



Two lives tragically lost today …

This is so very sad. This happened at the top of the Houwhoek Pass today.

This individual first tried to commit suicide by colliding head on with the petrol tanker. Thank God the petrol tanker was already empty, of its once liquid cargo, aboard.

The survivor of the accident, then ran back onto the N2 and proceeded to lie down within the flames.

This individual must have been in a very dark place, to do something like this. It is once again so very tragic.

So many of us are losing everything financially as well as our sanity due to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

We are sadly, going to see a lot more COVERT-19 suicides happening worldwide

Below is a link to the video as we cannot share the video because of its sensitivity .



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