Malema’s secret financiers allegedly involved in smuggling of illicit substances into South Africa

There are strong concerns that the leader of the  Economic Freedom Fighter Julius Malema is keeping a close inner company with powerful members of the underworld.

It is therefore interesting how the EFF has come out in defence of state capture kingpin Tom Moyane . Adv Dali Mpofu is the lawyer of Moyane . Look at this pic . It explains it all .

Here is Julius Malema with a lot of underworld figures alleged to be secretly financing Malema’s course . On the left is Mickey Schultz and Adriano Mazotti – tax dodger ,tobacco smuggler and EFF funder .

Impeccable sources revealed   that alleged tobacco smuggler Adriano Mazzotti was a generous financial donor to Malema and may well be the source of the repayments.

Mazzotti, a director of cigarette company Carnilinx, is also under investigation by Sars for smuggling and tax evasion.

Years back , Mazzotti told the press  that he was “good friends” with Malema.

He also admitted to contributing R200?000 towards the registration of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) earlier this year so the party could participate in the May general elections.

And he said he had paid donations tax on his contribution.

However, Mazzotti denied settling Malema’s tax bill. “I’m being assessed by Sars at the moment and I suspect they are going to hit me hard,” he said.

“I won’t be able to afford these payments.”

A furious Malema yesterday had as at the early stage of the investigation refused  to comment on his tax bill, saying it was “nobody’s business” who was paying it.

He said if Sars was investigating the origin of the payments, he would be furious and he regarded that as a breach of confidence.

“They have never asked me where the money has come from,” he said. “Why do they say to the media they want to know but they don’t tell me? This is very unprofessional.”

Malema said Sars was going back to its “old ways”. And he said he would complain.

“We’ve established a relationship. I’m cooperating with them and I am complying with the letter of the agreement,” he said. “What ploy is this now? I have nothing to hide.”

Carnilinx has been accused of hiring private investigators to gather information on Sars investigators and the police in an attempt to stop probes into its tax affairs.

Sars has opened a case against Mazzotti and other Carnilinx directors with the Hawks. The case is being investigated.

Mazzotti, a flamboyant character, said he used to be an ANC member but now believes the party needs to move left in their economic direction – towards the EFF.

He is a director of at least 17 companies and one of his business associates is convicted drug dealer Glenn Agliotti.

On the right is one or other Pakistani crook . Forgot his name now . It is apparently  also one of the reasons why Flod Shivambu attacked Ismail Momoniat of Treasury .

EFF want Moyane back, because Moyane probably knows some secrets about Malema’s tax affairs . ')}

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