Let’s Not Burn White Schools Like We Burn Black Libraries!

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Following the viral picture of white and black kids sitting separately in school, more people have continued to express themselves.

It is very true that educated, affluent Blacks in South Africa suffer from a severe inferiority complex which compels them to walk around looking for oppressors who do not exist, but only in their frail minds.

One must understand that, from an early age, they were taught by their parents that being Black is not enough. In fact, their parents taught them that being Black is being backward, barbaric and indeed embarrassing.

So much that not only did their parents send them to White schools, insist that they should make White friends (so that they could enjoy the illusion that their children are also White), move into White neighborhoods and avoid “dirty” township/village children.

They insisted that they should speak English at home, to their parents, whose English accents they would later despise. And to see children who say, “Mama”, instead of “Mommy” to their Black mothers as cavemen who still need to learn the tenets of being civilised.

It is they who look down upon their fellow Blacks who are not as privileged as they are. It is they who mistreat and underpay their Black domestic workers and take advantage of Black foreigners from country’s like Zimbabwe, Malawi or Congo.

In essence, educated, affluent Blacks not only bear a gigantic chip over their shoulders, but they have always wanted to be White. And when it finally dawned them that they were Black, they behaved like caged apes raised in the zoo who discover and finally resent their cages because indeed they belong in the wild.

Yet, who caged them?

Apartheid ended the day Nelson Mandela emerged from prison and Black people’s Freedom was was cemented when the ANC became the first Black government in South Africa in 1994.

With all this power, they still find the need to run after White people like hungry, deserted township dogs run after cars, thinking that getting inside will indeed give them wheels!

Not only are educated Blacks heavily insecure, they are also extremely and deeply resentful over the fact that no matter how much they speak “good” English, segregate themselves from uneducated, poor and hungry Blacks to look more civilised to Whites. They remain Black!

This is the one Fact that causes them to be Race Police, looking for Racism in restaurants, clean beaches, rural White schools, White people and their nuances and finally, on social media.

This resentment clouds their judgment (not that they have the best of it to begin with) to even overlook the fact Black communities in general are so violent, dirty, dysfunctional that their own parents moved them out of these communities (and defunct Black schools) into White communities, so that they could have more options/opportunities that most Blacks only dream of.

It is they who justify the ANC’s criminality by saying dumb things like, “Well, it’s only been 24 years. Apartheid was here longer!”.

It is they who work for the ANC government, compose and administer their destructive, failed policies to the detriment of unthinking Blacks who keep this wicked party power.

To this day, there hasn’t been any evidence of racism at Laerskool Schweizer Reneke. Other than speculations advanced by Race Hogs within our racist, redundant, discredited, withering divisive media; the ANC and their corrupt, venereal diseased political prostitutes, the Exclusively For Fools – EFF.

Is it not clear by now that this outrage over Black grade 1 learners who chose to sit in a corner with their Black friends during lunch break; that it is electioneering as usual for National Elections three months from now?

These Race Hogs would do anything to bamboozle unthinking Blacks who can barely afford a taxi to Laerskool Schweizer Reneke (much less afford the fees) to get their votes, which are already unconditionally Black, ie, ANC?!

O! What a perverted Nation we still are that we would use the innocence of children who most will likely never be racist as the delusional adults who are chanting outside their school to score burnt political brownies!

Yet again, this is Mzantsi. The home of unthinking Blacks who burn libraries to make their point.

Vuka Mzantsi!

The Smoke That Is Choking You Only Suggests That Your Own Are Burning Your Country!

-Dumisa Mbuwa