Did you know ANC Fikile Mbalula was raised by a white family?, Read the untold story

As much as many politicians prefer to leave certain parts of their lives out of public scrutiny, many South Africans are  really not acquainted with the upbringing of the ex-police boss Mbalula, although this beautiful phase of his life appears to have been deliberately  kept away from the public, valuable information reveals that the white family that helped raise him, demonstrated and showered immense love to the then young black boy.

There is a seemingly  unknown story about  the former police boss Fikile Mbalula, having been raised by a white family, which some people feel the ex-minister has never really spoken about.

Photos of his early childhood have emerged and are circulating that Mbalula enjoyed the tutelage and loving care of whites during his young days. But there has never been a public acknowledgement and show of such emotions or appreciation for the gesture the former ANC youth league leader enjoyed, which may have plunged him this far in life.

Mbalula has always been a front campaigner for the Zuma radical economic transformation, which is widely seen as a policy that will favour one race ahead of others, not taking into cognizance of his past and the benevolence he was privileged  to have from a race other than his at such a time when it was not fashionable to do so .

It is then contradictory to say the least when Mbalula speaks of white privileges during the Zuma’s days as president, is it therefore safe to say he was a beneficiary of white privileges, if there really is a concept like that which Julius Malema is always referencing to score political points in his public speeches.


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