Inherently uneducated: ‘Black South Africans Are Our Own Worst Enemy’

The overwhelming number of us black South Africans, not only that we are inherently uneducated, but also that we do not make enough efforts to keep ourselves informed by reading news papers, etc, regularly.

Most rely on the ANC controlled dominant brainwashing SABC tv and radio news and info source. So, don’t raise your expectations against that background. Blacks here can’t even learn from the experiences of their N African counterparts, why they fled their free countries en masse to risk deaths in the Mediterranean seas up north, and xenophobia, etc, down south amid seeking greener pastures!!

History keeps on repeating itself amongst blacks…. as they suffer the consequences of their own actions…. destroying their own property and neighborhoods; robbing their own; raping their own; stealing from their own and trashing their own country. Sadly, S Africa is currently in the hands of such people, and it’s not surprising that SA on a downward spiral. It doesn’t seem most were really ready for this ‘freedom’, probably not, educationally. As a contingent group, we have failed ourselves and our country…. and therefore our future generations, who stand to inherit a wasteland.

The best we appear to know is destruction, in one form or another, even at the polls where we keep on voting for those who deceive and steal from us via corruption, mismanagement and self enrichment, leaving us even poorer and angrier, to cause the frustrations that manifests itself through destruction of property we’re witnessing. It’s becoming an untenable & hopeless situation, yet we still never live & learn, never grow and never evolve.

We need serious transformation by changing ourselves first: changing our mindsets and our CONDUCT … for the better!!! Otherwise we’ll never fully regain our humanity; our dignity; our ethics, etc, to enhance our image (as a contingent group), never.!!!!

And …. the problem doesn’t lie with some ‘white capital’, “white racists” or mysterious entities somewhere…, it lies with us BLACKS, we’re our own worst enemies !!! If not, why would those populist politicians who’re obsessed with those
slogans keep quiet as soon as they assimilate to those “white capitals,” etc ? …. followed by taking their children for private schooling, etc, and generally maintaining aloofness from the downtrodden masses they claim to love and have “fought for” ? Sad, sad, sad and blacks still don’t learn to CHANGE THEIR VOTES till our country is sorted out, which is a process not an event !!! That’s our ONLY solution…, burning tyres, etc solves nothing, changes nothing…. !!!

-Peter Mthombeni (Pet)

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