While EFF, ANC and BLF tell their racist lies about white in order to polarise and garner black voters, the facts of the matter are completely ignored. The latest target of these anti white racists is Eureka, a settlement for white refugees that have been left destitute by the anti white South Africa. Meanwhile, according to the census, literally hundreds of Blacks ONLY (bantu) “Eureka’s”, much larger than Eureka and more racially pure than Orania, have been uncovered by SA-News, making the majority of people in South Africa who constantly attack Orania, hypocritical anti-white racists. The SA Constitution also names Freedom of Association as a right.

Like many normal people we have had enough of the constant whining, crying and victimisation from liberal and black circles about Orania, the Afrikaner enclave, and after the recent invasion of EFF members into Orania, just to garner news sensation for themselves, (as so many before them) we decided to test their “moral high ground”.

SA News did some research and discovered dozens of large Blacks Only towns which proves that the majority of people in South Africa are hypocritical anti-white racists, willingly inciting black supremacy and domination.

And boy, were we shocked by the extent of black supremacy and self-determination that has been achieved by black bantu in South Africa.

In less than an hour we found about a dozen towns and even entire municipalities with more racial purity than even Orania! But of course with black as the dominant and sometimes even total demographic. We used the figures from the 2011 census.

With the trend being towards a sharp growth in black population against a white population that is plummeting, these figures certainly are conservative.

I can only shake my head in disbelief and ask where the hell is the press in South Africa? Too busy roleplaying at being token journalists? Schmoozing around from meeting to meeting and hotel to hotel to dinners, etc. using predictably safe lines and articles about politically correct themes in fast dying newspapers?
We can expect something like this from Naspers and Argus/Cape Times, the ANC government’s mouthpieces, but these figures have been lying around for seven years for all to see…

We can now directly call Malema and Danny Jonas of the EFF and the BLF racist hypocrites and out and out racists and genocidal killers of nations. The obedient majority in South Africa can now, with evidence, be identified as hypocrites, even all those wannabe journo’s who so desperately take on Orania to make a name for themselves. Why did they not find or mention this?

The entire Albert Luthuli Municipality area is a mirror image of Orania as far as demographics are concerned, only reversed, BUT, we are talking about 186,000 people as opposed to Orania’s mere 1,500 – more than 100 TIMES GREATER! Their population is 97.6% pure bantu, and the small town of Orania is less pure at 97.2% white.

The entire Mkhondo Local Municipality is only 2% off from those excellent homogeneous totals.

In fact the entire Mpumalanga Province is also just a few percentage points off the mark for a black homogeneous Municipality.

Thembisile Hani Local Municipality performs even better than that, with a population of 310,500 of which 99.2% are black!
Almost there, just a little more “transformation” comrades …

Pixley ka Seme Local Municipality, named after the founder of the ignoble ANC, Pixley ka Isaka Seme (Whose ever heard of him?), is only 6% off Orania’s figure. Ironically the District in which Orania is located has the same name.

Diepdale, does even better, with a population SIX TIMES GREATER than Orania, is 99.5% black and not a single white resident.

However a much more noteworthy performance than above, are racially pure towns like Manaar and Hartebeeskop that are up to twice the size of Orania, and are 100% pure black! Not a single Indian, not a single coloured and not a single white resident!
Not even Orania can not boast such perfect race purity. Well done! Truly black “Nazi” towns as people pointing to Orania would say, but fail to see or mention the reverse.

Predictably there will be the defense spat out that whites are supposedly welcome to live in black towns and townships, but are they really?
Just as there are allegations that Orania does not welcome blacks, the same can be said about these black Orania’s. Firstly however, any new white resident in a black town will soon be targeted for all types of racist attacks and robberies and will have to live in a castle of steel. There have been many blacks recorded saying that whites are legitimate targets because of the distant past… one well known black actress even said (while she was blackmailing a white person) that she thought whites received money every minute by default!

Secondly, Europeans have a totally different culture of individuality and the principle of reward for merit. Certainly the African concept of bribery and corruption is considered illegal by most Europeans.

Thirdly, whites are definitely not welcome to live in the town and townships where large mines etc. are the major employers, with racist Black Economic Empowerment and affirmative action laws.
Europeans also prefer justice and not lynchings where mobs take the law into their own hands, as we often see in black neighborhoods where people are just killed with a “winnie mandela necklace” without trial. We are not even talking of ancestor worship, witch doctors and muti killings…

The Europeans are certainly unable to follow the township lifestyle where, if a neighbor gets a new TV, but no one else has one, it is taken or broken. Some black men have multiple women/wives for example, each in separate houses, and spends one day a week at each woman where he is fed and bred. The other six women are under the impression he is out looking to find a job … This is insane – Europeans may not even legally marry more than one wife, so even the law prevents whites from integrating into black village life.

There is absolutely no attempt by the government or black people to accommodate white people or to welcome them. The choice is simply: let us assimilate you, throw away your own heritage and history and become one of us, or you and your way of life and culture is not welcome. And don’t dare mention your contribution to true genetic diversity.

The persistent attacks on Afrikaans and “White Money Capital” is more than enough proof that Afrikaans and the European culture is seen as the enemy. But when it comes to BMWs, bling, long hair and western luxuries, blacks very quickly assimilate themselves into European culture, even using skin whitening creams.

The onrushing stream is clearly in one direction and it has, and will, flood everything unless europeans start to build dams to stem the flow or try redirect the flow a little bit at a time.

Let’s build our own towns like the blacks do, where true diversity, history, culture and tradition is defended, that ensures the continued existence of humanity itself.
We should follow their example and claim our cultural and historical right to exist. If someone points a finger to Orania, just name Albert Luthuli Local Municipality, Manaar, Hartebeeskop, Diepdale, Lochiel, Dundonald, Lebohang, Thembisile Hani Local Municipality. etc. etc.

We will setup a database and keep track of all towns and municipalities that exceed the Orania demographic. Sadly however we do not have the manpower or deep pockets like other so-called civil rights movements like Afri-Sol and politicians, so please look at your local demographic and please send details of any which are more than 97% black, to us at news @ sanews.biz

This is not to say that we are appalled by the figures. On the contrary, we are very happy about this evidence that even with all the tremendous global, political and commercial pressure for forced integration and transformation, as well as billions spent on multiculturalism, and the promotion thereof on TV and in the mass media, the natural pattern of like attracts like prevails and strongly shines through even by supporters of these false ideologies.

The million dollar question is, how much of the land in those pure black enclaves are owned by residents and how much is in the name of the King or the ANC regime? Come on EFF put your money where your mouth is and go take the land in these Black enclaves.

“Birds of a feather flock together and poop on world supremacist communists”.

Don Deon

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While EFF, ANC and BLF tell their racist lies about white in order to polarise and garner black voters, the facts of the matter are completely ignored. The latest target of these anti white racists is Eureka, a settlement for white refugees that have been left destitute by the...