Criminals hijack Westbury community protest turns it into a war zone

The community had demand the presence of the police minster when it all started out, but at the moment things seem to be going towards a downward spiral.

Information within our disposal, indicates that Police Minister Bheki Cele and Community Safety MEC Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane are on their way to the disturbing area on Tuesday morning.

Joburg Public Safety MMC Michael Sun says the protests in Westbury have turned into criminal activity.

Locals clashed with police on Monday during another day of protests against gangsterism and other crime.

Police fired rubber bullets at the crowd and some protesters hurled rocks at officers who they accuse of taking bribes from gangsters and drug dealers.

A Rea Vaya bus station was torched overnight, and eight residents arrested for public violence are due to appear in court on Tuesday.

“Some of the things that we saw, it’s no longer a community protest anymore. It has turned into a criminal activity.

A lot of the mobs they are destroying property, as you have seen last night… a Rea Vaya station was completely destroyed, so we are very concerned.”

He says there needs to be long-term solutions to dealing with crime and gangsterism in the community even after these protests.

“Since the incident happened last week Thursday, we have saturated the Westbury area with a high number of JMPD officers. We need to target the illegal firearms side. I think that’s where we are going to be intensifying our Operation Buya Mthetho within the City of Joburg.”

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