There is a widespread illusion that has been advanced by vile Black racists who are more interested in evaporating Whites from the face of South Africa, at the expense of impoverishing Blacks who do not know any better.

This illusion compels them to strive to replace these Whites as what they regard as the “Master Race” (a vicious ideology that began with Hitler and was continued by Apartheid).

While at the same time loot vast amounts state resources which are funded (via taxes) by the same Whites who are now condemned as eternal racists and are the primary cause for all the problems that plague in Post 1994 South Africa.

The end result is a country that mourns the deaths of Black people during Apartheid for protesting its oppressive regime. While Black people themselves ignore the legion of Black people who are killed today by other Blacks just for crossing the road.

Or Black children who get raped, and beheaded by their own fathers, uncles, brothers and neighbors just for playing on the swing at a local park.

Do these 50 murders and 100 rapes a day ever get the attention they deserve? Or if this attention is granted, would Blacks unanimously agree that Apartheid was a much lighter death sentence than what we have today, i.e failed, murderous ANC rule?

Now, Human Rights Day in South Africa is based on commemorating the Sharpeville Massacre 21 March 1960, where 69 Blacks were killed (and 180 injured) by White police officers under the direct orders of a White racist regime that regarded Blacks as no different from apes.

Now, in the interest of highlighting our brutal history (so that it cannot be repeated by future generations) and remembering where we come from, this commemoration is indeed just and necessary.

Yet, what about the numerous massacres that have been carried out by the Black ANC government, with a particular focus on Blacks?

Has anyone been sent to jail for the murders of 34 Black miners in Marikana, shot down in 2012 by Black police officers; under direct instructions from a Black police minister who was put under pressure by a Black billionaire (Syrupy Cyril) who regarded their protests for an increase in their salaries as criminalistic (and should be treated as such by the police)?

[In 2012, Syrupy Cyril was a non-executive director of Lonmin. His company Shanduka was a minority shareholder in Lonmin, thus their profits were his business too.

A series of emails shared between Ramaphosa and Lonmin’s board just a day before the massacre illustrate how much he wanted to end the conflict. Nonetheless, his language indicated that he favoured a more forceful approach.

Syrupy Cyril requested that “concomitant action” must be taken against the Black miners. He also referred to them as “plainly dastardly criminals”.]

While Marikana miners received a decent state burial, with little to less rewards for their selfless efforts to feed their families. And were promised to be compensated.

[There are 253 claimants who were killed/injured during the massacre, and the total amount payable therefore is R97 685 00. Yet, to date, no payments have been made.]

The man who “inspired” their murder through his vivid “words” became deputy president of the county that same year. And today, that same man is the president of South Africa.

Have we sufficiently mourned the deaths of Life 143 Black mentally patients who were murdered by ANC-headed Gauteng Department of Health?

[In early 2018 arbitrator Dikgang Moseneke for the Life Esidimeni Commission of Enquiry ruled that families of the affected patients must each be paid R1.2 million (consisting of of R20,000 for funeral expenses‚ R180,000 for shock and psychological trauma, and R1 million in constitutional damages).

By December 2018 around 300 families members affected the scandal said they had not yet received any payments.]

Or what about the hundreds of (Black) babies who are born dead due to to negligence at our useless public hospitals every year?

[In 2007, the Daily Dispatched published a report which showed that 2000 babies were stillborn at Frere Hospital in the Eastern Cape, due to negligence, staff shortages, incompetence, equipment shortages, and poor infection.]

Notwithstanding more than 20‚000 patients who have have been harmed due to negligence in the space of two-and-a-half years at state hospitals in Gauteng.

Perhaps these cases have nothing to do with Human Rights, and that they are just business as usual in Post 1994 South Africa; and the focus of Human Rights Day should be on the Sharpevile Massacre which is dwarfed by the above mentioned Stare crimes.

The same way the looting at Eskom which has led to indefinite load shedding, that costs our economy R1 billion a day, are ignored and dismissed as mere failures which are normal in “young” democracies, especially in the African continent.

This month alone, we have lost R16 billion over load shedding!

In a country where there are more people on social grants than those who are employed; just how far can R1 billion a day in creating jobs?

Especially when over 50% of our youth is sitting at home, unemployed , broke, depressed and wondering if twerking their buttocks on Instagram could be a viable career path, since their degrees could not yield any work.

[According to the 2017 Institute of Race Relations (IRR) “South Africa” survey, in 2016, there were 15,545,000 people with jobs in South Africa.

While 17,094,331 people were receiving social grants.]

Therefore, what is the point of Human Rights Day, other than to the illusion that we are better off now than we were under Apartheid?

The simple truth is that we are under Black Apartheid, and boy! We are in a far worse position today under racist Blacks than we were under segregationist Whites!

If Only Mzantsi Treasured Waking Up and Resented Being The Zombie That The ANC Government Has Turned Her Into. We Would Be Rebuilding Better Paths Towards Prosperity.

Too Bad That Our Hatred For Whites Blinds Us From Seeing The Black Wolf Clothed In Human Rights Day!

-Dumisa Mbuwa

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HOW CAN THERE BE HUMAN RIGHTS DAY UNDER BLACK APARTHEID? There is a widespread illusion that has been advanced by vile Black racists who are more interested in evaporating Whites from the face of South Africa, at the expense of impoverishing Blacks who do not know any better. This illusion compels...