BLF leader celebrates the farm murder of 2 elderly couple shot while sleeping

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In a shocking tweet posted on Friday the 14th of December 2018, the national spokesperson for Black First Land First, Lindsay Maasdorp, celebrated the brutal murder of an elderly couple, who was shot and killed whilst sleeping in their beds, on their farm in the Western Cape.

This comes after Black First Land First leader, Andile Mngxitama, last week said that for every one black person killed they would kill five white people, including women and children.

Two elderly victims, male and female, were both shot dead in their bed whilst sleeping according to Ian Cameron of Afriforum.

The SAHRC, as well as many civil rights organisations and political parties, indicated that they would lay charges against BLF and take the matter further legally.

Lobby group AfriForum recently reported that 22 farm attacks have been reported in the Western Cape since the start of this year.

In the most recent incident, a couple and their daughter were ambushed on a farm outside Paarl this week.

Five balaclava-clad suspects got into the Scheepers’ family farmhouse through a window. They tied up the couple and their daughter, then broke into the gun safe, stealing three handguns.

They also took four rifles, which police later found dumped at the back of the property.

AfriForum says this is just the latest in a string of crime incidents on Western Cape farms this year.

The organisation’s head of community safety Ian Cameron says: “In the Western Cape, there really is a very big effort in many areas by local police to do something. People really should be encouraged to build a strong relationship with local police and obviously their farm watches.”

Nationally, AfriForum says there have been 412 attacks on farms since January. Just over 15% of those attacks ended in murder.