Angry mob attack and injure police officers in Mamelodi

Female officer was also slapped by people in the group.

Three Tshwane Metro Police Department officers were injured on Monday after they were attacked in their vehicles by a group of people in Mamelodi.

According to police, the angry mob threw stones and bottles, damaging the vehicles and breaking the windows, before pouring petrol onto the officers’ vehicles, as they entered the area.

Tshwane metro police spokesperson Isaac Mahamba said two of the officers had been injured in the attack. They were admitted to hospital with injuries to their eyes, due to the stones and glass bottles thrown at them.

Both officers have since been discharged from hospital.

A third female officer was also slapped by people in the group.

“It was later discovered that the attack was a result of community members who were venting their frustrations about the land invasion operations that took place in the Mamelodi area the previous week,” Mahamba said.

He added that the “officers had been escorting the service provider to ensure safety and security”.

“The Tshwane Metro Police Department strongly condemns this behaviour by the community members. Attacks on the police cannot be tolerated, and the department will deal decisively with those who are responsible for this unlawful encounter.”

Mahamba said that the “absurd interference” by members of the public prevented officers from giving their best service to the residents of Tshwane and had to be stopped immediately.

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