When you travel around Africa (well outside of South Africa, since we are a mere extension of Europe through Colonialism), you instantly realize just how Africans are content with their tame surroundings.

Surroundings, which of course are characterized by deserts, huts, barren lands, unattended livestock on the highway, unemployed youths, dying, poor and sick mothers/women, dysfunctional and almost invisible men.

Where you do find infrastructure, roads, motor vehicles, clinics, schools and even “entertainment”, that is where you find Whites (foreigners with money), and of course those “elite” Blacks who think they are better than the rest just because they and their parents work for the government.

These Black elites received their education either in South Africa or somewhere in Europe or America, where they return home to “Africa” with nothing else but English twangs, coupled with with no solutions on how to advance and uplift their own people from the Dust to the Life.

Like their parents, whose only legacy in these countries was to work or be friends with the dictator who gave them their first job, at the expense of closing their eyes at the level of National Sodomy that most Africans experience in the hands of the own government. They too arrive from Cape Town, shut their eyes, drive their parents Mercedes and work very hard in creating a little Johannesburg for them and their friends who are just as useless as they are.

These are the same Blacks who appear on TV and tell the world in British or American accents that all is well in Lagos or Zimbabwe. That the possibilities in Burundi are so vast, the only problem the country is facing is a legacy of Colonialism, which the people are still imaginatively struggling with.

In Africa, it is very common to find Toyota, KIA, or even Mazda dealerships, even though most of the country’s workforce cannot find jobs to even afford to get a donkey (or at least feed it, since they are always as skinny as they are) to move them from point A to point B.

No one is really concerned about manufacturing these products locally, instead of them being dumped there by (powerful) foreign countries (like China), only to increase the nations debt, since no one can genuinely afford them.

Especially when almost in every African country, the government is the biggest employer (like here in failed South Africa), retrenching hundreds and thousands of employees every year, since there is no viable tax base to sustain the governments mindless, fruitless expenses (hence the heavy reliance on Foreign Aid and China).

The locals on the other hand, always seem very happy that at least the president visits their village, sits down with them, and “listens” to their problems (problems about agricultural land, homosexuals, plots for public housing, and a whole range of issues that involve handouts). And what does this president do?

He leaves, feeling assured that hey! His base is actually as mentally base as he thought (he got his education in London or South Africa), especially since no one is really concerned about how is it possible that since Independence (1950s, 1960s, etc.) and with departure of Whites who actually created jobs, built schools, clinics and had the best doctors to cure them; that things became extremely and unforgivably worse at the hands of Educated Black Leaders?

Like little children who were raised to believe that they mean nothing to their fathers (and the world) who abandoned them at birth (a common trait among African men) to create other babies who would also be abandoned; they delight at the fact that at least their president appeared before them and made vain promises about their future.

At least he dared to make a promise. At least now, the self-esteem that’s been shattered by being perpetually ignored and failed for decades, is now restored, even if it is only for a very brief moment.

Yes! Africans are like little toddlers who need adult supervision to help them think, choose what is good for them and most importantly, help them decide on what really entails a better future for them and their children.

This is evident in the fact while Colonialism was driven by the racist, erroneous belief (as well as the demonic impulse to oppress those they regarded as inferior, i.e. Africans) that Africans are animals in the jungle, who are in desperate need for Western Civilization, in order to convert them from Beasts into Men.

As soon as Africans received their Independence, and managed to drive out their White Oppressors/Colonizers out of the countries to materialize the African Dream; all they have managed to do was to fulfill the African Nightmare, which was essentially transforming Africa into being the Shithole we now know as Free, Democratic and Independent Africa.

We also see this in the fact that Africans don’t even make the things they consume. Their supermarkets are owned by White South Africans, Chinese and Indians. Even the foods and Dashikis they are so proud of are either made in China or by the Indians they now depend on for their own survival.

All that they seem to have been successful in over the past decades (over 50 years of Independence) is either killing each other even more, imprison gays, incite civil/tribal wars, amputating albinos and rhinos. And just impoverishing each other simply because, really, this is the African Thing To Do!

Like crabs in a bucket, all Africans do is pull each other down because none of them even know what it means to go up! Being hungry and oppressed is what we consider to be the Ultimate Good!

Meanwhile you have Black Americans who come here, seeking a “home”, since back in the US they too are murdering each other in cold blood in their own inner cities (Chicago, Compton, Harlem, etc.). And so, coming “home to Africa” will provide for them that lost self-worth that the White man supposedly snatched away from them (an entire century after Slavery).

Especially when in the US, they constitute 12% of the population, but are responsible for over 50% of the entire country’s homicide; and are gravely responsible for 92% of all the murders in the Black community.

[So much for Black Lives Matter! They obviously don’t in the Black Community!]

Yet when they arrive here in Africa, desperately wanting to believe (as they do back home) that the root causes of the problems which characterize Africa, are caused by Whites who were chased out 50 years ago!

Even when you try very hard to enlighten them on what is pretty obvious, even to Africans themselves (who are most ignorant about anything beyond their realm of specialty, which is seeking handouts or being oppressed by their own).

They are still as delusional, and extremely senile as they were when they left the US, where they kept Barack Obama in office for 8 years for doing nothing, but being for being a “Black man who can dance and loves basketball”!

They do not even realize that when they arrive here, through their ignorance and natural pretentiousness that is honed by Hollywood (their most trusted source of Truth), they resemble the same “Superior” White man they hate so much back home. They too arrive here to “Save and Convert” Africans from the Barbaric ways!

Now, while we all know that real Industrialization, driven by Quality Education (which is still the legacy of Whites/White missionaries in Africa) and Free-market Capitalism (which yields jobs as we see in Singapore, Japan, Germany and even China) is the only solution to Africa’s problems.

Yet, do Africans see these as necessary or even crucial?

Or we prefer being deeply in love with our sticks, stones, and riding donkeys better?!

Perhaps we, Africans shall answer this question a hundred years from now, when China has finished raping us like our leaders (whom we love and keep in power) have done best since we our “Freedom”.

Only Africans Can Wake Africa From Her Own Slumber!

Dumisa Mbuwa

AFRICANS DON’T WANT DEVELOPMENT. WE JUST LOVE HUTS, STICKS AND STONES MORE! When you travel around Africa (well outside of South Africa, since we are a mere extension of Europe through Colonialism), you instantly realize just how Africans are content with their tame surroundings. Surroundings, which of course are characterized by...