Ace Magashule encourages people to regard whites as ‘foreigners’.

And Comrade Ace Magashule has been called out after his comments were perceived as hate speech.

I was appalled at the hate speech by Ace Magashule towards his fellow humans yesterday.

At TUT he publicly encouraged people to regard whites as ‘foreigners’ and provide encouragement that whites should be ‘attacked’, in a disgusting display of hate and veiled threats by the ANC Comrade.

It is amazing how the Springbok victory over Wales has united our country..the elation of this event unfortunately has been tainted by these offensive words made by a senior member of our government yesterday.

This is a sad continuation of a bitter racial climate orchestrated by extreme toxic elements of the ANC regime. My fear is that many easily influenced young people may succumb to this ugly vitriol, unless the South African people stand up and say enough is enough!

A wretched person like Ace Magashule is allowed by ANC leadership to continue to advocate violence, and spew hatred without any recourse by our HRC, our government or the constitutional court. I am ashamed at this behaviour. These toxic people are allowed to bully and threaten anyone who they deem is a threat to their ideology, even those of their own colour.

Wake up South Africa – our battle is here and now!

As a black man with dreams for a free country where our rights are protected as citizens, I feel we are at a dangerous impasse, where our misguided government is silently sponsoring extremism…as easily as they allow this radicalism to continue, they will turn on the very black people who start to doubt & question them, like me.

Little do the citizenry of South Africa understand how desperately corrupt this ANC regime is, and what lengths they will stoop to, in order to cling to power. Turning a blind eye to targeted crime and farm killings, and silently sponsoring hate speech, murder threats, and torture is an easy tactic for them, with dangerous and dire consequences for those who are most gullible.

Whether it is this year, or five years from now, it is clear we are on the brink of being run by a dangerous organization that puts to use similar techniques used by Hitler to brainwash black South Africans with unfounded fear of ‘foreigners’, and those of other races, thereby securing their blind loyalty and support. We know how that ended🙁

Is spreading hate the best way to close the equality gap black South Africa?

V. Mosehla..

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