“A rich white person in South Africa is a poor white person in Europe, Malema threatens death

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Ahead of next year’s election, the Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has declared that it “victory or death”.

This he said while speaking on Monday afternoon at the Vaal University of Technology in Gauteng, ahead of students’ representative council (SRC) elections on the campus.

He emphasized on the need to get land back from the whites in order to let other people own a piece of land, denying that it was racist and a danger to the economy.

“When we say we need land from white people, it is not racist. They must give account of how they use their land. If you use 200 hectares for production, then 500 hectares should be given to others for them to use. How is that a collapsing of the economy?”

He said no one in China or Mozambique could own land, and that was not an impediment to investment or economic growth.

“[EFF detractors] are the same people that said that if Nelson Mandela becomes the president, then we will leave the country, but till today they haven’t left.”

“A rich white person in South Africa is a poor white person in Europe. That is why they will not leave South Africa. They are so used to privilege, and where they come from there is no privilege, so they won’t leave.”

“There is no life in poverty, so why would we be scared because we already have no life. We have seen death before and so we aren’t scared to defend this country with our lives because we know, we have two things to achieve: Victory or Death.”

The EFF leader also exhorted students to ensure their party stays the course amid signs that the ANC is tearing itself apart.

He hit out variously at the DA, the ANC and the media, referencing that “the enemy” was “coming for” the leadership of the EFF, allegedly due to having been “shaken” by his party.

“The DA says you vote for us because of alcohol – because that is white people think of us … that we are only good for alcohol and sex. When they say this they mean you are black and you cannot think,” he began. “They say the EFF thrives on the back of illiterate youth but you cannot find illiterate youth in institutions of higher learning. You can only find young intelligentsia.”

He took credit for having pushed for the announcement of free higher education last year.

“We made this call because it is through education that economic freedom will be realised. Illiteracy is a danger to democracy.”

He also took credit for the call to insource workers at higher education facilities.

“We said the workers should be insourced because by so doing you ensure that their children have access to education.

“All the workers deserve the same treatment as the lecturers because they are both selling their labour to the institutions. So, if the lecturer has a medical aid, then even the workers must have access to medical aids.”

He hit out at what he claimed was too much of a focus on EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu’s brother Brian’s involvement in the VBS Bank scandal, along with the millions he had been paid.

“R2 billion disappears from VBS, the majority of which was from the ANC municipalities. Today, when the story of VBS is told, all you are shown is Shivambu’s brother and there is no image of the ANC. Why? Because [former finance minister] Nhlanhla Nene is gone.”

He warned Minister of Transport Blade Nzimande to tell the truth at the state capture inquiry or he would suffer a similar fate to that of Nene.

“We will release [what we have on him]. We are giving him an opportunity to come clean.”

He offered university leaders advice on leadership and being a good example, including supporting women and “not using them for sexual favours”.