13-Year Old Boy Sexually Assaulted And Gang Raped In Syria

Three Lebanese youths, including a son of a senior Hezbollah official, filmed themselves beating and sexually assaulting a 13-year-old Syrian refugee in east Lebanon, multiple Arab media sources reported this week.

According to reports, the names of the perpetrators are Hadi Qamar, Mustafa Sha’shoua and Hassan Sha’shoua.

The video, showing the three man verbally and physically abusing the boy, went viral on social media, with Syrian and Lebanese users calling for the perpetrators’ arrest and prosecution.

“Three Lebanese men raped a 13-year-old Syrian refugee, taking pictures as they took turns abusing him,” a Twitter user posted under the hashtag #العدالة_للطفل_السوري (Justice for the Syrian boy).

A Twitter user tweeted, “Until they are arrested, here are the pictures of these fanatic monsters. I hope everyone posts them”.

The video was filmed in the town of Sohmor in the Beqaa valley of east Lebanon, according to Al Arabiya. The said location was occupied by Syria until 2005, the valley currently remains one of the strongholds of Hezbollah.

The terrorist militia is pressuring the boy’s mother not to press charges against the perpetrators, the Middle East Monitor reported, citing local media.

The boy reportedly disclosed a heart breaking truth to his mother that he had been subjected to repeated cases of similar abuse over the past two years, according to Al Arabiya. “He said he was raped by seven men in the juice shop. They’re all relatives and from the town of Sohmor.”

Syrian actress, Kinda Alloush took to Instagram responding to the disturbing video saying, “Regardless of nationality, when the victim is a child who has been raped and abused for three years, it is a huge tragedy, The rapist is a criminal who deserves punishment regardless of his nationality.”

Alloush continued, saying the public demands that “justice be served and the largest penalties be imposed on the criminals, especially as their names have become known.”

Amira Sukkar, head of the Union for the Protection of Juveniles in Lebanon, told Lebanese media legal action was taken.

She said, “We reported the incident to the police and spoke to the Public Prosecution and began the investigations”.

According to Sukkar, The boy said, “feels like he’s guilty of this crime” following the traumatic event.

One of the men suspected of sexually assaulting the boy has been arrested, Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces said in a statement Thursday.

According to the investigations, and as mentioned in the statement, eight men suspected of assaulting the child have been identified,” the forces said. “One of them has been arrested and searches of those in hiding continue.”

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