12 cattle found slaughtered on Polokwane farm, remains left on the farm

The police have launched a manhunt for unknown of individuals liable for the stealing and slaughtering of several cattle at a farm on the outskirts of Polokwane over the weekend.
According to police reports, a complete of 12 cattle were found slaughtered on a farm within the Palmietfontein area near the Silicon road.

Police Spokesperson, Brig Motlafela Mojapelo says the remains of three cows were found on the said farm on Saturday, 30 May. during this incident the poachers managed to require the carcasses and left only small portions behind.

“Shortly after midnight on Sunday, the police received complaints from the cattle herdsmen, complaining that they can’t locate variety of cattle on the farm. This, after the three cattle were found slaughtered on the adjacent farm on Saturday. On arrival, the police conducted searches on the farm and therefore the remaining carcasses were discovered at around 01:00 on Monday. it’s suspected the poachers had been disturbed because the instruments wont to dismember the animals had been left on the scene.”

A case of stock theft has been opened.
The Provincial commissioner , Lt Genl Nneke Ledwaba has since instructed members to seek out the culprits and convey them to book.

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